Smart Parking is a pioneering technology innovator and service company with over 15 years experience. The company was just getting by with a basic website but the content was dated and not an accurate representation of where the company was in terms of their product innovations and the services they were now offering. The site was also falling behind in terms of style compared to the revamped marketing materials that were being presented to potential clients. SeventyTwo came on board to assist with a redesign.

The Mission

We were asked to improve content promoting Investor Opportunities and each of the innovative services SmartParking offer. It was also important to showcase the SmartApp technology on offer as this was a key component for the end user.

SmartParking has a complex system of products and technologies that can be configured to create a tailored Parking solution for just about any industry. Our goal was to communicate this effectively via the website so that potential clients could see the benefits of working with SmartParking.

The Outcome

We were presented with the company's new range of marketing brochures which showed the direction they were going in. We were able to set our base styles using these as a reference but expanded on this to create unique elements that were on brand but worked well on screens and devices.

We created new custom icons that worked alongside the existing illustrations in use already and developed a system of UI Cards to sort content on list pages. These cards created a consistent style across devices.

Presenting element collages for the UI design on this project meant we could float ideas past the client and dial in the UI designs without creating full page mock-ups. The client responded really well to this as they got to see sample design work early in the process and could feedback on this. Working like this really brought the client into our process and gave them a voice to make suggestions.

Our Design team crafted pages that were solution orientated so that visitors could see how SmartParking could delivery options specific to their needs. We included a function via the CMS that allowed the client to add cards for each of the SmartPark Systems used in a scenario. This created links from the solution pages into the more technical aspects of SmartPark System.

In addition to this we also designed layouts for Case Studies that got more specific and offered insights from real clients.

With pages detailing the SmartPark System and expanded content for Potential Investors we were able to build a platform that now clearly communicates exactly what SmartParking offers to their customers.

The Impact

With the new website, sales and marketing teams at SmartParking have a fantastic resource to refer their customers to. Customers making initial contact now are better informed and have a greater understanding of the SmartPark System than before.

The new CMS makes updating the site a breeze and the marketing team have been able to take control of the content management themselves which has removed the headache of dealing with a third party to action simple content tasks.

The overall look and styling of the website has continued to impress and stands out in a competitive field.

In 2018 SmartParking went on win the Parking Organisation of the Year.


  • Project Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Mapping
  • Prototypes
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Website Development
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)
  • Icon Design


The team at 72dpi have been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the initial design phases, right through to post-launch support they have been creative, responsive and patient, and have delivered a top class website that aligns perfectly with our brand. The CMS system is robust and easy to work with and I have had nothing but positive feedback from our team and customers. I would happily recommend 72dpi for your next web project!

Angela Weusten

Smart Parking

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