The Foundation

The Foundation is one of several retirement villages run by Generus Living Group, a privately owned New Zealand Company. The Foundation site advertises the latest addition to Generus’s portfolio and is set to be the most luxurious of their Retirement Villages to date.

The Mission

The client had worked with a brand agency to establish the look they wanted; this included logos, colour palettes and type choices as well as a library of patterns and graphic assets.

Our job was to take the new brand guidelines and interpret how this would translate digitally across different devices.

The Foundation is yet to be built so we had to really sell the concept with limited resources and turn around the design and development of the site in a relatively short time.

The Outcome

Working with a pre-defined brand guideline can be a double edged sword. The brand guide was quite print-biased and the decisions on type selection and colour were driven by the initial projects to deliver brochures and other printed collateral.

What works in print doesn’t always work online. We were able to adapt the brand guidelines for the website in such a way that we kept the important key elements and made adjustments to colour and textures that ensured the contrast and legibility of type was maintained and met accessibility standards.

Accessibility became a key issue when we submitted the dev site to the client. They consulted with a specialist who made some recommendations on improvements that would improve the experience for users with visual impairments. Accessibility is always a consideration in every website we build and we were able to quickly turn this around for the client.

The Impact

Generus Living’s vision for The Foundation was to create a world-class haven of refinement. We delivered a sophisticated website that responds gracefully across digital mediums.

The client was impressed with the speed of delivery on this project and has since signed up for a re-design of a further 6 retirement village websites.

Since this website went live we have added further features to the site and CMS to support the Generus Living sales team. We added a secure Sales Support section which their Sales Team can access when they present to clients. This was especially useful during the COVID-19 lockdown but has since become a key tool for the team and we’ve had positive feedback around this.


  • Project Planning & Management

  • Content Strategy

  • Prototypes

  • User Experience (UX) Design
User Interface (UI) Design

  • Development

  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)

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